crack a deal with us

As farmers ourselves, the Mac-Eden factory is committed to serving and developing trustworthy, mutually beneficial long-term relationships with selected macadamia farmers who are like-minded in our goals.

Why crack a deal with us?

  • We don’t tie you down with contracts
  • We don’t use your money to run our business
  • No penalties charged for higher levels of moisture content or USKR
  • No premiums charged for individual processing
  • No crop rejected whether big or small

Should we not offer a deal that appeals to you, you are free to process your crop wherever you feel will benefit you the most.

What does Mac-Eden offer you?

Integrity: Each farmer is paid for his own quality of nut – there is no mixing or averaging out of crackout results – only your actual crackout is calculated.

Quality: As members of SAMAC, we encourage our farmers to excercise good orchard management and to follow environmentally friendly and sustainable farming practices. This results in better quality crops and payouts.

Personal: Mac-Eden is small enough to interact with you on a personal level so as to establish trust and a long-term mutual friendship/partnership. You can arrange to watch your nuts being processed on the day should you so choose.

Finance: Our farmers have benefitted from innovative and lucrative cash payment schemes designed by farmers... for farmers. We understand the importance of cash-flow with up to 50% cash payments being paid upfront on delivery!

Adaptability: Because Mac-Eden is family owned, we are quick and flexible to maximise on market opportunities presented and to fill niche markets requiring specialised packaging and/or product.

Results: Completely sold out for 10 consecutive years! 
This means we have well 
established international clients, committed to Mac-Eden for exactly the same principles of personal relationships, top quality product, integrity and competitive pricing.